Forever Unique Products focus on developing high quality natural products that will nourish your hair & body.

Friends Make The Best Partners

For these three friends it was only a matter of time before Forever Unique Products fell into their lap. Jasmin and Whitney both started braiding hair and becoming licensed cosmetologist at a young age. Both were truly excited to land their first jobs at their local hair salon Naturally Yours. Not only did they develop the skills to be great stylist, but they also learned how to run a successful business. After working for the company for about 8 years they both decided to pursue the entrepreneurial route and open their own separate salons.

Both Ladies were very successful running their own businesses right from the beginning, constantly seeing a increase in clientele. A lot of local shops didn’t carry the necessary products to fit their natural clients, Whitney and Jasmin begun making small batches of product here and there to help fit their clients needs. After running her shop for about 6 months Jasmin met Derrick who also was an entrepreneur running his personal training business and waiting tables in the evening.

Armed with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Derrick was still unsure which direction his life was headed. Landing his first career job after college he moved to maryland to work for the power company. Jasmin had mentioned to him several times that her and Whitney have been thinking about starting their own product line. Fueled by his passion to be an entrepreneur he soon had doubts about leaving it all behind. After only working 6 months at a very promising career, he decided to pack up his things and take a leap of faith, moving to Virginia to help Jasmin & Whitney

The team was finally put together. Using Whitney’s product knowledge, Jasmin’s ability to sell and attention to detail, combined with Derrick’s engineering and marketing background made the perfect formula for these 3 amigos.

Meet The Team



Licensed Cosmetologist

Certified Sisterlock Consultant



Licensed Cosmetologist Instructor

Certified Sisterlock Consultant



Marketing Director